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"One can imagine this as an episode of some smart sci-fi/anthology series like The Twilight Zone...The Apocalypse Couple is worth the relatively small amount of time it asks you to invest. "

Bob Ignizio - The Cleveland Movie Blog

“I was glued to the screen, and the music was really good”.  Sharon N.

“Engaging. Powerful. Relatable. The Apocalypse Couple is a short film that makes you connect with the characters and examine your own life. Miki Blak did an excellent job of telling a compelling story that made you think and "feel". Lashawn M.

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Coming Soon


Abigail Williams is a workaholic on the verge of losing her career and her marriage and possibly much more.  Abby is selfishly excited when she lands the high profile Hettie Dallman case.  Hettie is on trial for brutally killing both her mother and father and has barely spoken a word since.


Abby has to determine if Hettie is competent to stand trial. She dives headstrong into the case, neglecting a much needed family vacation with her husband and daughter, causing deep splinters in her already struggling marriage.


As Abby digs deeper into Hettie’s past to find the cause of the murders, she ends up unlocking disturbing secrets of her own. 


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